Kenneth Hart is a US artist born north of Detroit in an era when music and the machine were as inseparable as art and design. His geometric abstractions are inspired by his experiences with the duality of nature and the need to create form. He uses a limited range of color intentionally so that line work and form are easier to understand. Very few artist have explored the line as an element of expression since the end product remains two dimensional. A line is a significant component of his paintings. He has devoted the past 40 years to expressing and interpreting the meaning of a line as an artist, architect and sculptor. A line can be simple, beautiful and meaningful and yet complex, coarse and arbitrary. A line on a piece of paper can represent a depth of ten feet or height of ten stories. A line may look straight in one dimension yet in another dimension it may undulate in multiple lengths. His paintings can be viewed on his website at Kenneth Hart has a studio near Washington, DC and where he continues to paint, create ad sculpt. 

Keneth Hart - USA