My art and my work "The tale of a woman" in a morning that tastes of coffee:


"In my art, feelings, shapes, lines, lights, shadows and colours are the tools that materialise my imagination. Everything is possible there, starting with small details, I can create a world full of possibilities and solutions.

     My art does not intend to represent reality as we see it, nor is it a copy of reality. It uses visual language to create compositions that will merge in a personal space, as well as limitless desire... Everything is an interplay of power, warm or cold, dark or light, loaded with energy and power.

         In my world, sunlight fills the heart with warmth. Its brightness is reflected in each facet of nature. Symbols and colours are highlighted in the great portrait of life. Passion, tranquillity, music, floods the heights with its rivers. Heavens of happiness vivid dawns colour the bottom with great secrets that project from the inside. You can look without any barriers, let your mind run free, fly... and you will see that we all have art, something very special, personal, marvellous..." 

Picture: El cuento de una Mujer (The Story of a Woman)

Valentin Paun - Spain

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