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Data protection politic rules.

Are personal data transmitted to other company ?


No. Proeco Químicas doesn't sell, rent or gives access to website users' personal data. The exception concerns the fulfillment of a service requested by the user.
Are cookies used in this website ?
This website uses cookies. The purpose of these cookies is to improve services offered to customers and visitors, for example, helping users not to do repetitive tasks.
Filling in the forms, an email address is requested, am i going to receive ads?
Proeco Químicas doesn't sell, rent or gives access to emails users to other companies. The exception concerns the fulfillment of a service requested by the user.
Regularly, Proeco Químicas will send emails concerning our website improvements, news and some of our products. In emails sent, a link will allow you to unsuscribe this service.
What kind of security means will protect the database integrity ?
Proeco Químicas, in accordance with the Organical Law 15/1999 of December the 13rd concerning the Personal Data Protection and regarding to the Basic Level protection means, realize regular security duplicates and have a security sheet to determine rules and technical means up to our possibilities to protect the database.
Where are information, files and database, linked to computing systems and internet, physically stored ? International Transfer Consent.
The customer and/or interested persons fully accept and give consent, under their own responsability, to have their data transferred to a database centre provided by Proeco Químicas, in its own plant or anywhere else, national, european or international physical location. Proeco Químicas confirms its complying with right Confidentiality and Security means rules to avoid failures about stored database, unauthorized access, alteration, lost, theft, fire protections and floodings or any other natural hazards.
Exigible Responsability.
Proeco Químicas splits up the contractual good faith. Proeco Químicas will put, up to its possibilities, technical, organisational and human means to protect its users and customers privacy and keep watching, at any time, for the quality services offered. Nevertheless Proeco Químicas exempt its own civil and economic responsability concerning technical failures, in services provided, as computing systems and internet, wrong use, lost, unauthorized access, theft, fire protections, floodings or any other natural hazards implicit features which may occure to the database.Any doubt about a legal action, contact Proeco Químicas for all means exposed above.